Family Fun at Whistler Tube Park | Snow Tubing Information for 2023 season

Fun for all riders 3 years old and older (and 36″ tall), the Whistler Tube Park offers 8 lanes of thrilling slides and no equipment is required! This is one of the best things to do in Whistler with kids, especially if you are not a ski family! You can get the same thrill as those skiing down the mountain, with no ski skills required!

Whistler Tube Park with kids.

Whistler Snow Tubing with the Family!

The kids absolutely had a blast snow tubing at Whistler and we had the most perfect bluebird day! Markus has tubing in his top three things to do in Whistler!

We went right at opening (which is 11am during the week) and pretty much had the place to ourselves (I think everyone was enjoying the sunshine).

I was surprised at how much of a hike it is to actually get to the tube park. So be prepared. The Whistler Bubly tube park can be accessed by the Blackcomb Excalibur Gondola from Whistler Village. We loaded from the exit of the Gondola. There is signage directing you to the tube park line. You do not have to wait in the skiers line (if there is one and this season there have been long ones).

Whistler Tube Park via Excalibur Gondola
Look for the snow tubing sign at the exit of the Excalibur Gondola. There is a dedicated line for people not skiing.

We got off at midstation and then crossed the ski hill towards parking lot 7. There are quite a few stairs to climb to get to the entrance. I am guessing they wanted the tube park high enough to get a decent amount of snow.

Whistler Tube Park Stairs
There are at least 50 stairs to climb to get to the Whistler tube park after you get off the gondola. Your other option is to park in lot 8 but it is usually full during the ski day.

We bought a 1-hour pass, but were told we could upgrade to a 2-hour pass later by paying the difference. So ask when you arrive!

Masks are required at all times in the tube park. Our kids wore helmets, but they are not required.

While everyone absolutely had a great time, make sure you are prepared for walking. While there is a carpet to take you up the hill, there is still a decent amount of walking to get from the tube slide exit back to the carpet!

Whistler Snow Tubing

Important Information about the Whistler Tube Park

Things to note: Children under 12 have to be accompanied by an adult. Children between 36″ and 41″ use the mini lanes that are half as long as the full runs. Tickets can only be bought at the Tube Park to manage capacity. Hours are subject to change based on conditions.

What to Wear: Wear warm clothes and dress for the conditions. Snow pants are recommended, as are good winter boots, you will be walking on snow. Helmets are recommended, but not required.

The Whistler weather can be unpredictable. Sub-zero temperatures are normal in the village all season and sometimes it can be bitterly cold! To keep toes warm in skates and those fingertips toasty, we now use these reusable hand warmers!

Hours: Weekends and Holidays 10am-6pm, Weekdays 11am-6pm

Pricing for 2022/23 season are not released yet but 2022 prices were: Adults 1 hour $26.50, 2 hours $38.00 | Seniors 1 hour $24.50, 2 hours $35.00, Youth (12-18) 1 hour $24.50, 2 hours $36.00 | Child (7-12) 1 hour $20.50, 2 hours $24.00 | Mini (3-6) 1 hour $15.50, 2 hours $19.00

Whistler Snow Tubing 3 year old
Dress little ones in full snow gear as they will probably want to play in the snow as well. Adults do not need snow gear, but should dress warmly. The tubes go quite fast and it can be cold!

Whistler Tubing FAQs

Where is the Whistler Tube Park?

The Whistler tube park is located on Blackcomb in the upper village next to parking lot 8. The Bubly tube park can be accessed by the Blackcomb Excalibur Gondola from Whistler Village. There is signage at the gondola.

How much does Whistler Tubing cost?

For 2022/23 the pricing is not released yet but for 2021 the costs are: Adults 1 hour $26.50, 2 hours $38.00 | Seniors 1 hour $24.50, 2 hours $35.00, Youth (12-18) 1 hour $24.50, 2 hours $36.00 | Child (7-12) 1 hour $20.50, 2 hours $24.00 | Mini (3-6) 1 hour $15.50, 2 hours $19.00

Is there a parking lot at the Whistler Tube Park?

Yes you can park at Lot 8. However, the lot is often full during ski times as the parking lot is free. You are better off to take the Blackcomb gondola and walk from the Village.

Do you need to book in advance for the Tube Park at Whistler?

Tickets are sold on a first come first served basis from the tube park only. You cannot buy them in advance.

Is it a far walk from the Village?

Yes, the tube park requires you to get on the Blackcomb Excalibur gondola. You depart at mid-station and then walk across a ski run and up quite a few stairs (probably over 50). It takes about 20 minutes to get there from the village.

Do you need a ski pass to get to the Whistler Tube Park?

No you do not. You enter the “Bubly Tube Park” lane at the EXIT of the Excalibur Gondola.

Further Reading on Whistler Activities for Kids

You will also want to read about the $20 lift tickets on the Magic Chair for beginner skiers!

Kids can ski free in Whistler! I know, it sounds crazy, but if you have school aged children (K to 5) you can register in advance and get 5 free days of skiing for your kids!

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More Whistler Travel Resources for 2023

If you are still in the planning stages, this information will help you plan your visit to Whistler.

Start with how to get from Vancouver to Whistler. If you are from out of town, there are ways to get to Whistler without a car.

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5 Things to pack for a Summer Whistler Trip

Make sure you have these things packed for your trip to Whistler

  • Sunscreen and hat: With plenty of beach and pool time (and hiking time too), make sure you have a hat and sunscreen.
  • Bug Spray: depending where you are, the bugs can be bad. If you are headed to the alpine lakes, you will need it for sure. At dusk it is bad on the trails around Whistler village, as well as at the skate park.
  • Bathing Suit: Do not forget your bathing suit. Pools and lakes are what make Whistler so great in the warmer months
  • Comfortable shoes: Even if you are not a hiker, there are plenty of walking trails in the village. Whistler Village is such a walkable area and with a focus on eco-experiences, park the car and walk as much as you can.
  • Bikes: If you are a local, consider bringing a bike! The village trails are perfect to bike to the lakes, and all over the village. Most people will bike to dinner and places like the farmer’s market. This helps limit your car use as well! ALl hotels offer bike valet or bike storage for visitors.

That is far from all, read my Guide to What to wear in Whistler which has a complete packing list for visiting at any time of the year.

Where to Stay in Whistler

Below I have listed some popular properties in Whistler to stay.

Four Seasons Whistler – The Four Seasons is one of Whistler’s luxury 5 star properties. The Four Seasons Whistler has a swimming pool and hot tub. They offer a bike valet that is convenient and safe. In the winter, I love the ski valet option where you can leave your skis at the ski hill instead of having to bring them back to the hotel. Four Seasons is located in the Upper Village near the Blackcomb Gondola. If you are visiting as a family, they offer playpens or cribs and high chairs for guests. They also offer childproofing items, art class, a seasonal playroom, and little luxuries like kids bath robes.


Delta Hotel Whistler – The Delta offers rooms with full kitchens. This is ideal for those who like condo style accommodation but want the convenience of a hotel. There is coin laundry on site which may be needed to dry out wet ski gear. The Delta offers babysitting services as well. There is a heated indoor/outdoor pool as well as a hot tub. The Delta is in Whistler Village close to everything.


AirBNB‘s are another great option as they offer more space. Most are designed for 4 or more people making them perfect for families or trips with friends. You can read more about Whistler AirBNB’s or check out my go-to favorite here. One downside to AirBNB’s is that they are not all in the village.

Whistler Tube Park Guide

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