10 Unique Whistler Souvenirs & Gifts to Buy on your Holiday

This guide to unique and fun Whistler souvenirs will give you plenty of shopping ideas as well as where to find some of these things!

If you are looking for the best souvenirs from Whistler or what to buy in Whistler, you have come to the right place! One of my favorite things to do when traveling is to look for souvenirs to take home for family and friends and something for my bookshelf! My kids love hunting for the best souvenir for their collections and that made me put together this list of the best Whistler souvenirs.

There are so many things that scream Canada, and this list of things to buy in Whistler each have a little bit of that. Whether you collect t-shirts, jewelry, knick-knacks or locally made items there are plenty of unique Whistler souvenirs below!

Unique Things to Buy in Whistler: Top Souvenirs from Canada’s Famous Ski Hill

Maple Syrup

Probably what most people think of as one of the things that represent Canada is maple syrup. Available in gift shops all over Whistler, grab some to take home from your vacation. They come in all shapes and sizes, you can even get maple syrup cookies, candies and all sorts of treats.

Maple Syrup Bottles Souvenir Canada
Maple Syrup is one of the most popular things to buy in Whistler that screams “Canada” to anyone who sees it!

Hand Carved Silver Jewelry

Aboriginal peoples have always made objects of artistic value. If you want to know what to buy in Whistler to display in your home or to give as a gift, purchase some authentic aboriginal art. Hand-carved silvery and gold jewelry are very popular pieces of First Nations art that many visitors buy from Whistler and other parts of Canada to bring home as souvenirs. Check out the SLCC Squamish Lillooet Cultural Center in the upper village for their gift shop (It is close to the Magic Chair and Blackcomb Gondola).

Indigenous Silver Art Jewellry Made in Canada
Indigenous Art comes in all shapes and sizes. Silver jewelry is beautifully carved into rings, pendants, earrings and bracelets. Look for local artisans and local carvers who are making these in Whistler and communities across British Columbia

Tim Hortons Mug

Coffee and Tim Hortons are synonyms in Canada. Asking someone if they want a “Timmys” is the same as asking if they want a coffee. If you want to know what to buy in Canada and have a thing for coffee, skip the Starbucks cups and get yourself a Tim Horton’s Travel Mug from any Tim Horton’s coffee shop.


An Inukshuk is a figure made of mild stones or boulders used as a form of communication throughout Canada’s Arctic. They were traditionally constructed by the Inuit and have become intertwined with representations of Canada. In the Arctic, they are used for practical reasons, such as navigational aids, coordination points and message centers. They have also been known to be used for spiritual means. The Inukshuk symbol was paramount in the 2010 Vancouver / Whistler Olympic games and there are many Inukshuk’s all over Whistler.

Whistler Inukshuk
All over Whistler you will find the symbol of the 2010 Vancouver / Whistler Olympics. Its symbol goes back to the Inuit people of the north.

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Canadian Food and Snacks

If you want some cute candies for loved ones, you will find plenty in Whistler. There are some things you can only buy in Canada that you should consider taking home from your trip. These include Ketchup chips, Smoked Salmon, Smarties, Nanaimo Bars, Coffee Crisp, Purdy’s Chocolates and Laura Secord Chocolates.

Canadian Candies to buy
Whistler Gift Shops offer plenty of cute Canadian snacks

Christmas Ornaments from Whistler

Many travelers like to pick up a souvenir ornament from the places they visit. Whistler offers plenty of Canadian ones, as well as Whistler specific ones as well. Just pop into any of the gift shops in the Village and you will find some like the ones below.

Souvenir Ornaments of Canada

Whistler Souvenir Hats and Tshirts and Bears Oh My!

Whether you are a hat person or a tshirt person there is the perfect one for anyone in Whistler. Whether you are looking for a cute design for kids or designer performance wear, you will find all of that in Whistler Village’s plethora of shopping options. If you need to bring something home for a loved one, a tshirt is a popular thing to buy in Whistler for a friend or family member.

Whistler Hats and Tshirt Souvenirs
Hats and Tshirts are in every shop in Whistler. From cute designs to designer labels, there will be one to buy for anyone’s taste

Dreamcatcher Souvenirs from Whistler

Dreamcatchers are meant to catch the bad dreams. They are placed over a bed at night. While you can find replica’s of these all over the place, look for made in Canada versions and try to support local Indigenous artists wherever possible.

Dreamcatchers from Canada Souvenirs

Whistler Fridge Magnet Souvenirs

Are you a fridge magnet collector? If so, Whistler will not disappoint. Whether you want one of the cute one’s pictures below, or perhaps one with a photo instead, you will be able to find it at any of the souvenir shops in Whistler. How cute are the Moose beer openers on the left!

Fridge Magnets of Whistler
Everyone loves a knick knack. Many travelers collect fridge magnets and there are plenty to be found in Whistler.

Maple Fudge

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory fudge can be found all over British Columbia. Whistler is no exception. While they have dozens of flavors, maple walnut is a truly Canadian one!

Things to buy in Whistler include Fudge
Rocky Mountain Cholocate Factory locations can be found all over, and Whistler is no exception. Try the maple fudge.

Bear Claw Salad Tongs

Once you have mixed your salad or your pasta with bear claw salad tongs you will never go back to spoons or forks or tongs or traditional salad spoons. Bear claws are great for mixing right to the bottom of the bowl to ensure you get all the good stuff from the bottom. Grab some locally made ones when you are in Whistler.

Bear Claw Salad Tongs Canada Souvenirs
Have you ever seen Bear Claw Salad Tongs. Your salad mixing will never be the same!

The Best Things to Buy in Whistler Conclusion

There are so many things to buy in Canada when you are visiting. This list covers many of the top Whistler souvenirs to buy on your visit and many of them make great gifts! If you will be spending some time in Vancouver, I have another post on what to buy in Vancouver for souvenirs. Do you have any questions about visiting Canada? Let me know in the comments!

More Resources on Traveling to Whistler

What to Pack for Whistler

  • Winter Gear: If you are going to Whistler in the winter, you are going to need a winter hat, boots, gloves and a hat. It can be snowy and cold in the village, early-season often sees no snow in the village, but it can be wet.
  • Summer Gear: It is a given that the snow boots and coats can be left behind if you are visiting Whistler in summer. Remember the bathing suit, hat and sunscreen. There are plenty of lakes and many hotels have swimming pools.
  • Reusable Shopping Bag: Whistler prides itself on being green, bring your own shopping bag for the grocery store, or for your souvenir shopping.
  • Travel Adapter: For visitors coming from the United States, Canada uses the same 110V plugs, so no adapter is needed. But those of you visiting from Europe, the UK, Australia or Asia, make sure you bring a North American plug or inexpensive Universal Travel Adapter
  • Credit Card: While yes, you will need it for shopping, but it is also needed for some hotel deposits, as well as renting gear. Most shopping in British Columbia has moved to plastic (debit or credit) as the most popular way to pay. While cash is usually fine, ensure you have credit cards where needed.

This post has everything you need: Whistler packing list for all seasons!

Where To Stay in Whistler

If you are packing your bags for Whistler, then you are likely spending the night! Whistler has plenty of hotels, AirBNB’s, cabins and hostel style accommodations. Whether you are looking for luxury, family friendly or budget accommodation in Whistler, there are options for your stay!

Below I have listed some popular properties in Whistler to stay.

LUXURY: Four Seasons Whistler – The Four Seasons is one of Whistler’s luxury 5 star properties. The Four Seasons Whistler has a swimming pool and hot tub. They offer a bike valet that is convenient and safe. In the winter, I love the ski valet option where you can leave your skis at the ski hill instead of having to bring them back to the hotel. Four Seasons is located in the Upper Village near the Blackcomb Gondola.

MIDRANGE: Delta Hotel Whistler – The Delta offers rooms with full kitchens. This is ideal for those who like condo style accommodation but want the convenience of a hotel. There is coin laundry on site which may be needed to dry out wet ski gear or bathing suits. The Delta is in Whistler Village close to everything.

MIDRANGE: Aava Hotel Whistler – Aava hotel is a midrange hotel in a great location. It is a short walk to the Gondola and just 2 minutes walk from Whistler Village.

BUDGET: Pangea Pod Hotel – Pangea Pod Hotel is conveniently located in the middle of Whistler, and is within 200 m of the Whistler and Blackcomb gondolas. It is ideal for modern hostel-style accommodation right in the village

AirBNB‘s are another great option as they offer more space. Most are designed for 4 or more people making them perfect for families or trips with friends. You can read more about Whistler AirBNB’s or check out my go-to favorite here. One downside to AirBNB’s is that they are not all in the village.

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How to get there

There are plenty of ways to get from Vancouver to Whistler. You can go by car, bus, private tour, float plane and even helicopter. Read all about how to get from Vancouver to Whistler.

The Best Things to buy in Whistler

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