The Complete Guide to Getting from Vancouver to Revelstoke

A summer road trip from Vancouver to Revelstoke is the perfect family weekend getaway. For skiers, Revelstoke Mountain Resort offers the perfect reason to make the road trip in the winter as well. Whatever your reason, whatever the season, Revelstoke should be on your radar.

If you do not want to drive to Revelstoke (those mountain passes on the Coquihalla can be messy in the winter) there are also other ways to get there. You can travel by bus or plane as well!

Many people use Revelstoke as a stopover on longer road trips, such as Vancouver to Banff and that is exactly what we did this summer when we visited for the first time!

About the Vancouver to Revelstoke Route

In the summer months and in good weather, the route takes about 6 hours. It passes through Metro Vancouver communities before entering the Fraser Valley and then the community of Hope. In Hope there is a junction to get onto Highway 5 (the Coquihalla Highway) or continue on Highway 1. The Coquihalla portion of the Highway is between 4 and 6 lanes and traces through the Cascade Mountains. There are plenty of views, and many marvel at the Great Bear snow shed, but there are no communities until you reach Merritt. The next community is Kamloops which is in itself, a large city. Here Highway 5 ends and those going to Revelstoke will continue along Highway 1.

If you are traveling the route between October 1st and March 31st it is a requirement to have winter tires (with the snowflake and M+S) or chains. The mountain passes get a lot of snow. Plan for extra driving time if you are planning to take this route between October and April.

This is often part of a road trip from Vancouver to Banff and a great place to stop along the way!

Vancouver to Revelstoke by Car

It takes about 6 hours to drive to Revelstoke from Vancouver depending on your exact starting point. If you are farther east it will be a bit shorter, if you are quite far away from Highway 1 it might be a bit longer, but overall, plan for 6 hours of actual driving time.

Once you are out of the city, it is virtually all highway driving as you head east on Highway 1 to Hope and then Highway 5 (Coquihalla Highway) to Kamloops and then back onto Highway 1 until you reach Revelstoke.

This is the fastest and most direct route. You can stay on Highway 1 and visit the smaller communities (and smaller highway) along the way, but it will add an extra hour of driving time.

If you are arriving into Vancouver International Airport and need to rent a car, there are plenty of places to do so. Make sure to book in advance. You can check prices for rental cars here before you arrive.

Vancouver to Revelstoke by Bus

There is bus service three times a week from Vancouver to Revelstoke. The route is serviced by Rider Express. Revelstoke is one of the stops on the Vancouver to Calgary Route.

The bus currently leaves Vancouver at 8:00am from Pacific Central Station. It departs from Revelstoke at 4:25 PM so it arrives sometime before then (the exact arrival time is dependent on road conditions). Check current schedules on Rider Express.

Tickets cost between $60 and $120

Vancouver to Revelstoke by Plane

There is no flight that goes from Vancouver to Revelstoke directly. The closest airport is Kelowna International Airport (YLW). From there, you can rent a car or take a shuttle. The most popular one is called the Stoke Shuttle. It only runs on a per booking basis so ensure you book in advance. The Stoke Shuttle is run through Everything Revelstoke. Rates are $123 per adult for a one-way fare. There is a minimum of three people required to run the shuttle. If a rental car is available, it makes more sense to rent a car!

Where to Stay in Revelstoke

Sutton Place Revelstoke Mountain is right on the ski hill. If you are planning on visiting Revelstoke Mountain Resort (which is a huge draw in the summer and winter) staying at the Sutton Place is the perfect base!

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