Langley, British Columbia

Located in between Surrey and Abbotsford and bordered by the Fraser River in the North and the USA border to the south, Langley is one of the municipalities that makes up Metro Vancouver. It is in a region known as the Fraser Valley (lies south of the Fraser River). Langley is divided into the Township of Langley and the City of Langley with separate municipal governments for both. The Township of Langley also covers Aldergrove, Fort Langley, Walnut Grove, Willoughby, Murrayville, Brookswood and Fernridge neighborhoods.

The City of Langley and the Township of Langley

Although the City of Langley and the Township of Langley have separate local governments, most people who live outside of the area really have no idea that there is a separate administrative structure. For the purpose of this website, and most information that you will read, we simply use the term Langley to cover the Township of Langley and the City of Langley into one local municipality of Metro Vancouver.

Poopulation-wise, the Township of Langley has about 140 000 residents (2022 census). The City of Langley has 29 000 residents (2021 data).

Size wise, the Township of Langley is 316 square kilometers. The City of Langley by contrast, is just 10 square kilometers.

Now that I have given you a bit of an understanding, for the rest of this post and for much of this website, the the area is typically referred to as Langley. When residents of Metro Vancouver think of Langley, they think of farmland, wineries and Historic Fort Langley.

Langley, BC, Canada

Langley Events

Langley is home to many events and markets throughout the year. The Fort Langley Cranberry Festival is a big draw to Fort Langley and sees the community swell with visitors who come to see local vendors, enjoy local restaurants and entertainment. In 2022, the Cranberry Festival will occur on October 8th.

Langley Wineries

Langley is home to several wineries.

  • Township 7 Winery
  • Backyard Vineyards
  • Chaberton Estate Winery
  • Vista D’oro Farm and Winery
  • Festina Lente

Langley is also home to various other breweries, distilleries and cideries:

  • Fraser Valley Cider Company
  • Roots and Wings Distillery
  • Trading Post Brewing
  • Dead Frog Brewery
  • Smugglers Trail Brewery
  • Brookswood Brewery
  • Five Roads Brewing
  • Farm Country Brewing
  • Camp Beer Co.

British Columbia Langley Cranberry Farm

Local Indigenous Culture in Langley

Langley lies upon the traditional and unceded territory of the Katzie , Kwantlen (Qw’?ntl’en), Matsqui and Semiahmoo First Nations. Over 3.5% of the population in the area identify themselves as Indigenous

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