Writing for Uncovering BC

Would you like to share your local community with British Columbians and visitors to BC? Maybe you are an expert foodie, or love hiking? Maybe you have the perfect place to take kids, or dogs. Maybe you did an amazing road trip around the province.

Uncovering BC is looking for people who want to share their experiences in British Columbia.

These are the types of questions we start with

Where do you live?

Where have you traveled in BC?

Is there a part of the province you consider yourself an expert on?

Are you currently writing for publications or websites?

Do you have travel plans in BC for the rest of the year?

What are you interested in writing? Things to do posts? Seasonal activities? Outdoors? Events? Restaurant suggestions? Where to stay guides?

Is there something you do not like writing about?

Typically we prefer ongoing partnerships than one-offs. We aim to build a relationship with our writers who can contribute on a consistent basis.


  • Produce 2 blog posts per month (may not be published elsewhere at any time as per agreement)
  • About 1200-1500 words depending on the topic
  • Topic to be discussed in advance
  • Include 3-5 original photos

Tone of voice for UncoveringBC: Uncovering BC is designed for both the local and the visitor. With that being said, a first-time visitor would probably not be looking for “Best Restaurants in Surrey” but someone living nearby definitely would! If you were writing a post on how to get from A to B (Vancouver to Victoria for example, you would write the post as if the visitor has NO IDEA what to do or where the ferry terminal is or how it works with information on reservations and long weekend travel etc)

Help the reader on their journey

  • Who? (Couples, solo travelers, women, children, babies, people with special concerns, pets, honeymooners, babymooners, teenagers, etc)
  • What? (What to do, what day trips to take, what tours to take, what to do in winter, what’s it like in July, what restaurants to eat at, what to do at night, what to eat, what to pack, etc)
  • When? (When is the best time to go, also putting a spin on the less pleasant times rather than when should we avoid going, etc)
  • Where? (Where should we go? Where should we eat? Where to get coffee? Where are the best photo spots, etc)
  • Why? (Why is this place important to visit? Why is this place famous, etc)
  • How? (How to get there, how to book accommodations, how to arrange tours, how to choose between two options, how to get a sim card, how to get around, how to get from one place to another, etc)

Not every article is going to cover each of these, but consider these issues as you provide information to the reader.

If this sounds like something you are interested in, send an email to Lindsay at hello@uncoveringbc.com