How to get from Edmonton to Jasper: Car, Bus, Train, Tour, Rideshare

Want to know how to get from Edmonton to Jasper? By the end of this post, you will have all of the info you need!

Are you looking for information on how to travel from Edmonton to Jasper? Well, you are in the right place. This post has all of the options for traveling from Edmonton to Jasper, and you might be surprised at the number of options. 

Jasper is a very underrated destination. But that might be what makes it so great. It is smaller and less well-known than Banff, but I actually like it better. 

from Edmonton to Jasper driving

How to get from Edmonton to Jasper by Car

Driving from Edmonton to Jasper takes about 4 hours. While Jasper is in the middle of one of Canada’s most stunning National Parks, it is not a difficult drive or mountainous climb. It is mostly straight towards the Rockies and you slowly climb from the foothills without really noticing. It is a nice drive, as the mountains get larger and larger in the car windshield. 

Even in the winter, the roads are very well maintained. The biggest thing to watch out for is wildlife, especially in Jasper National Park. The bighorn sheep and the elk walk on the road without a care in the world. They definitely do not care about a huge semi rolling towards them. 

If you are going from Edmonton to Jasper by car, you are going to need to get a Parks Pass. There are huts at the entrance and you pay a fee per person ($10 for an adult, $8.40 for a senior, $20 for a family, Children up to 17 are free). There are also annual passes you can buy in advance online. These passes expire the following day, so it does make sense to look into the annual Discovery Passes if you will be there for a few days or even visiting Banff as well!

If you are looking to rent a car, there are plenty of car companies at the airport (or in the city). I recommend checking Rentalcars and you can choose whichever car company has the best rates and car options.

Tour from Edmonton to Jasper 

If you want to go from Edmonton to Jasper on a tour you can do that as well. I always offer this option as there is nothing wrong with someone else sorting out all of the logistics and you just have to figure out when to be where and leave the rest to someone else!

My suggestion would be to book a private transfer with SunDog Tours. When you get to Jasper they have single day and multi-day tour packages. You can get a driver who acts as a sightseeing guide as well. (This is my top recommendation for the IceFields Parkway! There is so much to see and these tour guides know all the best spots and allow you access to Lake Louise without any hassles!!)

Bus from Edmonton To Jasper

If you want to travel from Edmonton to Jasper by bus there are options for travelers. It is a great way for those who do not want to drive and want to enjoy the scenery instead. Your options include: SunDog Tours provides a daily service right from the airport. If the times do not align with your arrival, it also picks up at the West Edmonton Mall and Cold Shot Bus.

Book a bus from Edmonton to Jasper here

Train from Edmonton to Jasper

While the Rocky Mountaineer has a train station in Jasper, it, unfortunately, does not continue to Edmonton. You can, however, travel from Edmonton to Jasper or vis versa on VIA Rail. 

How to get from Edmonton to Jasper with Uber

It is possible to travel from Edmonton to Jasper by rideshare but it might not be what you think. An Uber or taxi would cost hundreds, but there is a rideshare option that charges based on your group size and equipment (bikes, skis, luggage etc). While it isn’t my top suggestion, I wanted to include it so you know it is technically an option, but not the ideal way to travel from Edmonton to Jasper, it is just too far of a drive. 

Elk Crossing in Jasper National Park

Stops on the way from Edmonton to Jasper

There are a few stops along the way from Edmonton to Jasper, but just a few things you might want to do. 

  • Hinton
  • Edson
  • Miette Hot Springs

Where to Stay in Jasper

Jasper Park Lodge ( Luxury )

Known by locals as JPL, the Jasper Park Lodge has plenty to offer. It is cabin-style accommodation, a pool, hot tub and spa, and views from all over the resort! The resort itself and pool overlook Beavert Lake, a golf course, and on site amenities in the winter like skating! CLICK HERE FOR RATES AND AVAILABILITY.

Tekarra Lodge

A small cabin-style accommodation just outside of town (you can walk into town in 10 minutes) Tekarra Lodge offers quaint cabins with wood fireplaces! CLICK FOR RATES AND AVAILABILITY.

Camping options

For those on a camping road trip, you will want to book your accommodations in advance. 

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