How to get from Vancouver to Seattle: Car, Plane, Bus, Train.

Want to know how to get from Vancouver to Seattle? By the end of this post, you will have all of the info you need!

If you are looking for travel options from Vancouver to Seattle then you are in the right place! There are several ways to travel, car, train, plane, and bus. You will want to do a little preparation if this is your first time in the area (or if you are looking for a new way to visit Seattle from Vancouver (or visa versa).

Travel from Vancouver to Seattle

Please check government websites as there may be border restrictions entering Canada or the United States. Ensure you know what is required before you travel.

How to get from Vancouver to Seattle

Pack the Passport

The first thing you want to make sure you take into account is that you need a Passport to travel into the United States. Also check the conditions of entry into the United States, which are going to evolve as the pandemic evolves. 

How to get from Vancouver to Seattle by Car

If you are looking for info on driving from Vancouver to Seattle keep reading! It is by far the most popular way to get from Vancouver to Seattle as thousands make the trek each day. It is just over 200 kilometers. While it is not long in distance and essentially all highway, taking into account traffic and border lineups it generally takes more than 3 hours.

How to get from Vancouver to Seattle by Plane

You can fly from Vancouver to Seattle quite easily. You will preclear customs into the United States in Vancouver, which makes arrival into Seattle quite seamless. Just grab your bags and head out of the airport. There are multiple airlines that service the Vancouver to Seattle route. Air Canada, Alaska Airlines and Delta Airlines are three of them. Start with google flights, that is always my suggestion. It outlines the various airlines that fly the route. You can also look into flying from nearby Bellingham Airport, which is on the USA side. It offers low-cost flights to popular holiday destinations but also connects with Seattle. 

How to get from Vancouver to Seattle by Train

There is a train from Vancouver to Seattle and it is the Amtrak. It requires clearing customs as mentioned above. The route starts in Vancouver and stops in Bellingham, Mount Vernon, Stanwood, Everett, Edmonds and then Seattle. It also continues south all the way to Eugene Oregon for those wanting to travel the Pacific North West.

Traveling from Vancouver to Seattle by train on Amtrak takes about 3.5 hours one way. Costs start around $45 for an adult fare. Just like airplanes, there are various fare options, including fully refundable fares.

Vancouver to Seattle by Bus

Quick Coach provides service on a bus from Vancouver to Seattle. There are a few drop-off and pickup points: Downtown Seattle, SeaTac Airport (SEA), and Bellingham.

Vancouver to Seattle by Ferry

There is no direct ferry from Vancouver to Seattle, despite their positions on the waterfront. There are indirect options (like going from Victoria to Seattle) but none are super time efficient. If you are insistent on spending time on the water and going from Vancouver to Seattle on a boat there is a way to do it. You need to take the BC ferries ferry and then a second ferry from Victoria to Seattle.

Where to Stay in Seattle

Warwick Hotel (Midrange) – This 18-story hotel is located a 7 minute walk away from Pike Place Market and 8 blocks from the Space Needle. It features an on site restaurant and indoor pool with whirlpools for guests to enjoy while they’re here! The Warwick offers spacious accommodations that are uniquely inspired by Seattle culture–you’ll find private balcony spaces or floor-to seating windows as part it all; both come complete with city views.

Green Tortoise Hostel (Budget) – In the heart of downtown Seattle, this hostel offers free wireless internet access and breakfast consisting of make-your own oatmeal with fresh fruit juice coffee tea hot cocoa. Accommodations include towels and linens for your stay!

Grand Hyatt Seattle (Luxury) – Floor to ceiling windows are the perfect way to soak up city lights and views from your room. The on-site health club features a sauna, steam room, whirlpool, and spa treatments. Pike Place Market is 15 minutes’ walk away.

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