Aurora Heat Eco-Friendly Reusable Hand Warmers

What if I told you there was a product on the market that was ultrasoft, would keep your hands warm, was reusable, and was environmentally friendly? 

While many hand warmers on the market today are reusable, few are ultrasoft and truly environmentally friendly. Aurora Heat hand warmers are both environmentally friendly and reusable year after year! To give you an idea of how long they last, their very first customers from 2015 are still keeping warm with their Aurora Heat!At the end of life, they are completely biodegradable. And to top it off they are the softest thing you will ever put next to your skin.

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reusable hand warmers by aurora heat
Aurora Heat Kid’s hand warmers. Reusable year after year, soft, environmentally friendly and handmade in Northern Canada!

I was excited to try out these hand warmers because we ski up at Whistler every year and some years it can be really really cold! Between my and my friends, we have a lot of kids, and someone always has cold toes or fingers! While we wear base layers and mid layers and put them in the best gear possible, there is only so much you can do when it comes to keeping fingers and toes warm!

When Aurora Heat reached out to me to try their beaver fur warmers, I was ecstatic. Not only were they ahead of ski season (we are always last minute packing and figuring out what we need) but my oldest son Mattias had just started playing ice hockey and those rinks are COLD! I had been layering up in my ski base layers to go and watch the game!

The Aurora Heat Wrist Warmers proved to be the perfect add-on to my hockey mom wardrobe! They are perfect for indoor and outdoor activities that require dexterity (like taking pictures on my phone all game!)

reusable wrist warmers for cold hockey rinks from Aurora Heat.
These soft wrist warmers come to every hockey game, scrimmage or public skate! In just a few weeks of wearing them, they are my favorite thing to keep me warm in cool temperatures.

I never thought I would be so excited to slide these on every day until my son started playing ice hockey!

Reusable and Sustainable Hand Warmers by Aurora Heat

For winter sports enthusiasts, hand warmers can mean the difference between calling it a day early and playing outside for as long as possible. I have been known to grab the single use packets that you shake and put inside your gloves or pockets, but they have never really done the job, just offered a sense that I was “doing something” to keep my kids or my hands warm.

With these beaver fur reusable hand warmers, I now know that they are the best thing I can put against my kid’s skin to keep them having fun in the cold weather. Beaver fur warmers were first used by Indigenous Peoples in Northern Canada due to the fur’s effectiveness and durability as one of the warmest furs around. If anyone knows the best way to keep warm in cold Canadian climates, it is Indigenous and the Inuit people in Northern Canada.

How do Fur reusable heat warmers work

Aurora Heat hand and foot warmers have one side that is beaver fur and the other side is leather. The fur side goes directly on your skin. Beaver fur is incredibly warm and 100% biodegradable, hypoallergenic, and naturally odorless.

This also means that the foot warmers go in your socks so the fur can be right against your skin. (This can get a little tricky but if you start with the fur against your skin on the top of your foot and tuck the rest of the fur under your toes, you can then put on a snug wool sock. Your body heat is stored within the fur and circulated back to your skin.

Why You should choose Beaver Fur Eco-Friendly Hand Warmers?

Shop Local for your reusable hand warmers

The shop local message has been going strong for a few years. Its an easy choice to shop small and look for Canadian-made products to put your money into. Aurora Heat eco-friendly hand warmers are made in the subarctic community of Fort Smith, Northwest Territories. Making these hand warmers supports locals in Fort Smith, who do not have a huge range of economic opportunities in the far north.

Hundreds of Years of Use

Further, fur harvesting gives value to traditional Indigenous and local economies. With 10,000 fur filaments per square inch, your body heat is stored within the fur to maintain a comfortable temperature once the warmers are inserted into mittens, pockets or boots. This fur is what enables beavers in Northern Canada to stay warm while swimming in freezing temperatures. It has also been what Peoples of Northern Canada have used for hundreds of years.

We use all parts of our pelts in deep respect and gratitude to the Land and to the beaver (tsa). It is this worldview that has formed our company’s slogan, “Live in harmony with Nature.” – Brenda Dragon Aurora Heat President and Founder

Fort Smith Landscape, home of

Completely Biodegradable and Sustainable resulting in zero landfill waste

Since sheared beaver fur is naturally biodegradable, these warmers will not harm the environment and will provide a safe and comfortable experience for all users. Beaver fur is renewable, with an extraordinarily long lifespan. Each reusable hand warmer is handmade making for very low-impact processes when compared to industrial manufacturing processes

Orders are shipped directly from the workshop in Northern Canada and arrive with minimal packaging; on theme with the social enterprise’s mission.

Adult Size reusable hand warmers
Adult Size warmers and small wrist warmers shown by my 9 year old.

How to Wear Fur Hand Warmers

Insert the Hand Warmers into your mittens, gloves, or pockets with the fur against your skin. If you are wearing mittens, slip the fur over your fingertips to keep the tips of your fingers warm. If you have finger gloves, put the fur side against the palm or the back of your hand.

When using for your feet, place them on the top of your foot with the fur against your skin. Curl the fur over your toes and tuck if that’s where you are vulnerable to the cold. Next, slip a wool sock over your toes and inch it over your foot.

The wrist warmers easily slide onto your hands and have an elastic. They come in multiple sizes.

The warmers can also be placed inside your pocket providing ultimate warmth when you slide your hands inside them.

How To Care for Fur Hand Warmers

Care for Aurora Heat products is easy. If the fur becomes damp, shake out the excess moisture, gently reshape the leather, and allow to air dry. At the end of the season, store in a cool, dry and ventilated space.

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Canadian made reusable hand warmers made of beaver pelts.

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