Canada in February

Canada in February offers winter weather throughout out the country! While the West Coast does not see much snow, you will find snow across most major cities besides Vancouver. It is prime ski season as the mountains across the country offer powder conditions. February is also Carnival in Quebec City. Despite it being the middle of winter, there are a lot of things going on all around the county!

What season is it in Canada in February?

February is winter in Canada. It is the coldest season and the wettest season (for those on the West Coast). 

Is February a good time to visit Canada

February is the perfect time to visit Canada for those who like to ski. February is also when Carnival happens in Quebec City and a variety of other winter festivals around the country. While high season to visit Canada is during the summer, the winter is the second best time to visit!

Weather in Canada in February

The Weather in Canada in February is cold. Average temperatures in Toronto are between 0°C and -6°C. The average temperature in Montreal Canada in February is between -3°C and -11°C. Edmonton is about the same. The average temperature in Vancouver in February is between 8°C and 3°C and it is the only part of Canada that does not typically stay in the negative temperatures. Halifax on the East Coast of Canada has average temperatures of between 0°C and -8°C. Winnipeg in Central Canada in February is a chilly -9°C to -17°C.

What month does it snow in Canada?

This depends a lot on where you live. If you live in somewhere like Winnipeg you can get snow long before Christmas. If you live in Vancouver, the snow tyically stays in the mountains and only falls in teh city once or twice a year. Those who live in Toronto can spend months shoveling their drives ways some years, and other years they can still see the grass for most of the winter. Overall, with such a huge country, the snow really depends non where you go in Canada! With that being said, if you are anywhere near mountains, you will have access to snow, close by!

What to pack for a trip to Canada in February

Lots of layers and winter clothes!

Best places to visit in Canada in February

There are a few great places to visit in February in Canada. It is the season of snow! And Canada is good at celebrating it.

Quebec City’s Annual Carnival takes place each February in Canada

Whistler offers optimal ski conditions throughout the winter. There are so many things to do in Whistler from skiing, snowmobile tours, ice skating, sledding, snow tubing, enjoying Whistler’ culinary scene and world-class winter resorts. All of the Ski Resorts in British Columbia are full of holiday makers out enjoying the snow. You cant go wrong whichever one you pick.

Ottawa, Canada’s capital city also offers a winter festival in February

Winnipeg, although chilly has its Festival du Voyageur every February. It is the largest winter festival in Western Canada. It is also the largest French event outside of Quebec!

In Banff and the Canadian Rockies, winter is a time to be outside; the park offers an endless number of invigorating adventures for anyone willing to bundle up and explore. There are three world-class ski resorts accessible from Banff and a plethora of winter activities for the non-skier. 

Niagara Falls is always in season. While the city is known for its vibrancy in the warmer months, the great natural wonder and region transform into a frozen landscape unlike any other. Ice buildups create the illusion of frozen falls with icicles framing the bordering edges and a frozen mist blanketing surrounding trees, truly creating a winter wonderland! The Winter Festival of Lights extends through much of the winter in Canada and goes until the Family day holiday in February. It is Canada’s largest free outdoor winter festival! Capture your frozen landscape with these Niagara Falls captions.

Canada in February

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