Travel Tips for Whistler

Are you planning a trip to Whistler for the first time and don’t know what to expect? Keep scrolling to check out my top travel tips for Whistler, Canada!

Where to Stay

Don’t have time to research a bunch of places to stay?

Below I have listed some popular properties in Whistler to stay.

LUXURY: Four Seasons Whistler

MIDRANGE: Delta Hotel Whistler and Aava Hotel Whistler

BUDGET: Pangea Pod Hotel

I have a whole post dedicated to the best Whistler hotels for families if you want to read more about where to stay!

AirBNBs are another great option as they offer more space. Most are designed for 4 or more people making them perfect for families or trips with friends. You can read more about the best Whistler AirBNB’s. The downside is that you often have to drive to the ski lifts if you are staying in a chalet.

Popular Whistler Tours




Planning Your Whistler Visit

The first step to making the most of your time in Whistler is having an idea about what you want to see and do before arriving. This will help avoid feeling overwhelmed or lost while exploring this wonderful place.

Whether you are coming in the summer or winter you are going to want to plan what you want to do while you are in Whistler. There is so much to do, whether you have a weekend or a week, it is sure to fly by!

You can see some popular tours above, some are all year round, and some are obviously seasonal.

Did you know that Whistler is known as a world-class ski resort, but it actually sees more summer visitors than winter? But with that being said, the summer and the winter are very busy times! Book your tours in advance, arrange your winter lift tickets (you can save a bunch of money by choosing dates early), and absolutely make sure you book your accommodations as soon as you have your dates decided!

How Many Days to Spend in Whistler?

The perfect amount of time to spend in Whistler is hard to decide, but 5 days is a sweet spot to really get a sense of the place and enjoy most of what Whistler has to offer!

If you are coming for a long weekend, you can still ski for a day or two, enjoy skating and have a nice evening meal. If it is the summertime, there is a day for biking or hiking, rafting or ziplining, and enjoying an evening in the village.

Be Prepared to Walk

Whistler is walkable in summer or winter. Whether it is from the parking lot to the lifts, or ski-in ski-out accomodations, make sure you have winter boots for the winter and good walking shoes in the summer! Biking is also a great way to get around and not having to worry about parking.

Money in Whistler

Whistler takes credit card just about everywhere. There is no real need for cash. Even the farmer’s markets all have credit card terminals. Whistler Edge cards can even have a credit card attached to them so you can pay with your season pass when dining etc on the ski hill!

Dining in Whistler

Most restaurants in Whistler take reservations. It is HIGHLY recommended to make reservations in advance for dining.

Getting to Whistler

The closest airport to Whistler is Vancouver Airport. There are several ways to get from Vancouver to Whistler. Make sure to plan your car rentals in advance if you need to rent a car. In the winter, many cars have roof rack options.

Shopping in Whistler

Whistler has a lot of shopping for shopping lovers. Well-known outdoor brands, ski gear, bike gear as well as trendy shops, are all over the village.

What to Pack

Coming in winter in summer is obviously going to have a totally different list. But with that being said, regardless of the season, you always want chapstick and sunscreen and comfortable footwear! Check out my whole Whistler packing list while you plan.

One of my favorite winter items is hand and feet warmers from Aurora Heat. If you are ever cold like me, go check them out.

Bring A Travel Adapter

If you are coming from outside of North America, you are going to want a travel adapter.

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