Where is Vancouver Located in Canada?

Are you wondering where Vancouver is located on the map? As one of the most popular places to visit in Canada, it is not surprising that you are looking. While most people all over the world have heard of the city, most do not actually know where Vancouver is located in Canada.

Where is Vancouver Canada Located on a Map?

Below you will find a map of the World that gives you an idea of where Vancouver is located on a map. Canada is such a large country, it is understandable to not know where you would find Canada’s third-largest city.

Where is Vancouver located on the map of the world?

Vancouver is located on the Pacific Ocean, just over 200 kilometers North of Seattle. It is 50 kilometers north of the USA/Canada border. It is located in British Columbia, Canada’s most western province. I have cropped the map below to give you more perspective on where Vancouver is in Canada.

Vancouver on Canada Map.

Just across the Georgia Straight (the name of the water between Vancouver and Vancouver Island), you will find Victoria, the capital city of the province of British Columbia. Beyond Vancouver Island, the vast Pacific Ocean stretches around the globe until you reach Asia.

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What is the Population of Vancouver?

Vancouver itself is a large city in size. The 2016 Census recorded just over 630 000 residents of the city itself. However, there are many neighboring cities that make up what is known as Metro Vancouver. The population of Metro Vancouver is 2.46 million people (2016). There will be new numbers when the 2021 Census data is released.

What is There to do in Vancouver?

Vancouver is full of things to do. The most popular time to visit is in the summer, as the weather is warm and pleasant. Typical summer temperatures are in the mid 20s Celcius. I have a post full of things to do in Vancouver.

Most people explore beyond the city and many go farther than the Metro Vancouver area. I have written a post about the best things to do in British Columbia as well.

Who is in Charge of British Columbia?

British Columbia is part of Canada and the Prime Minister is the leader of the country. Figuratively, Queen Elizabeth II is the head of state as Canada is part of the Commonwealth.

British Columbia also has a Premier, who is responsible for all matters that relate to the Province. They are the head of the government in British Columbia and lead the other elected members of the provincial government.

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Where is Vancouver on the Canada Map.

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