Vessi Waterproof Runners in Vancouver

Every Vancouverite NEEDS a Pair of these Waterproof Runners in their Wardrobe

Comfortable, stylish, packable and waterproof, here is why Vessi lives up to the hype and why every Vancouverite should own a pair or mow

Wet feet have got to be one the the biggest annoyances of living in Vancouver. Even in the middle of summer in Vancouver, the wet dewey mornings mean walks in the grass still result in wet shoes. If you are anything like me, it is far from ideal.

But not anymore. 

Thanks to Vessi, I am able to keep my feet completely dry, even in the pouring rain! But, lets just be skeptical for a moment, how could shoes that appeared to be made out of fabric wick away water when they are completely submerged!

Their waterproof outer material means that the shoes can even be submerged and will keep your feet dry! They have quickly become by go to shoes almost year round here in Vancouver. Whether it is a trip for groceries, a walk to the park, a rainy day or even a trip to the beach.

Vessi was founded here in Vancouver by Mikaella Go, Tony Yu, and Andy Wang. They have created an all-in-one masterpiece made from water-based synthetic materials, modified polyurethane, and synthetic suede and leather. They’re 100% vegan.

They are perfect for the urbanite, the urban traveller and everyone who wants to just pack one pair of shoes for a trip. 

Top Reasons that both my kids and I wear vessi runners

  1. Kids hate rain boots and want to be able to run and play

Once kids are in elementary school, usually about grade 2, playing on the soccer field and running around can be a big part of their day. They find rain boots clunky, they make it tough to play basketball on the court, or climb on the playground. With a pair of vessi runners, they can run around in running shoes and still have dry feet.

Think of camping season and how handy these are compared to tromping around rain boots. Kids can ride bikes, run and play and YES they still have dry feet (if they do go in over their ankles that is the only way those socks are getting wet!

2. They are actually very comfortable and suitable for multiple occasions!

Whether shopping, walking the kids to school, kicking a soccer ball in the backyard or jetting off on an airplane, the vessi weekend sneakers are actually comfy. They are breathable soft and comfortable while still protecting my feet from any moisture.

Vessi Weekend Sneaker has an all-purpose silhouette that makes it suitable for many occasions. My boys paired their vessi weekend sneaker with a suit on our recent Alaska cruise. You will also find them wearing them to school each morning when we are home. They came to Costa Rica when we had a chance to be caught in a downpour, they pair great with my leggings, jeans or shorts.

2. They are cheaper than a pair od runners and a pair of boots

Vessi runners are nit cheap, but when you run the numbers, even the adult pairs are cheaper than buying a pair of runners and a pair of rain boots. You can click here and save YXQ

3. They now have short boot options

For those looking for more of a boot style, there is a weekend boot that fits the same as the weekend sneaker. They offer a little more splash protection as they fit to the ankle. 

4. They do not need to be tied. Vessi’s have laces, but they are a slip on shoe. The laces on the kids one come with a toggle so never need to be tied. The adult ones can be tied, but its just for show. Some styles are slip on without laces, another option depending on your style choices. 

5. Because less is more

It is impossible to stop consuming, but consuming less is a priority of ours. If we can all avoid a pair of rain boots, that is just 3 less pairs of footwear in our house. That saves storage space for the minimalist in me, it means less pieces of footwear are lying around, and it means that the kids just need one pair of outdoor footwear for most of our west coast year! 

Machine washable

Another perk of Vessi sneakers is that the shoes are machine washable. While the laces do not hold up to kids wear and tear, the shoes wash up beautifully, almost as clean as new!

They come in Men’s, Women’s and children’s sizes and they do tent to run big (in the adult sizes at least). They do not offer half sizes, but suggest sizing down if you are a half size. While I comfortably wear an 8 in running shoes, I wear the women’s 7 (mens 6) in Vessis. 

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