Harrison Water Park on Harrison Lake (2023 Ticket Info)

The largest inflatable water park in Canada is located right here in British Columbia, just outside Metro Vancouver! From June until September, grab some friends and a bathing suit and head out to Harrison Lake. The Harrison water park is owned on by Harrison Waterparks and is located on Harrison Lake, right off the dock outside the Harrison Hot Springs Hotel.

Harrison lake water park inflatable park british columbia.

Harrison Lake Floating Water Park Details

The floating waterpark is one of the best things to do in Harrison Hot Springs in the summer! It has a ton of features, including slides, teeter-totters, swings, trampolines and more, all while surrounded by the stunning views of mountains around the lake. One of the most popular features is the BLOB, where you can be blasted into the air before landing in the freshwater lake.

The water park is open until Sept 6th and there are three sessions per day. There are limited tickets sold so it is best to book in advance. Weekends often sell out, and the 1:30 session seems to be the most popular, selling out most sunny weekdays as well.

Entrance is a general admission ticket, and the weekday slots are a little bit cheaper than weekends. Children 6-9 must be accompanied by a (paid) adult or responsible person over 16 years of age. Children 10 and up are allowed to visit the waterpark unaccompanied.

In order to get to the floating water park on Harrison Lake, guests are ferried out on a floating raft. There are no in and out privileges but you do not have to stay for the whole two hours. You can be ferried off at any time.

Kids at harrison lake inflatable water park.

Our Day at Harrison Water Park

This was absolutely the most fun I have had all summer. The waterpark is designed with teenagers and adults in mind. There is a lot of climbing and upper body strength required! Getting on the teeter-totter is a workout in itself! My favorites were the rope swing, the BLOB and the steep slides into the lake.

The boys loved the slides that stayed on the inflatable paths. They also loved climbing the towers and jumping in. The teeter-totter was a hit with my oldest, I think partly because he knew only a few were actually able to get on it!

I Highly recommend this for a ladies weekend, a trip with friends, a day trip with the family and anyone who loves “doing” things and having fun!

I suggest you book the combo that comes with the bumper boats and the wetsuit! That is what we did and had a great time! I would not have wanted to get wet multiple times without the wet suit!

Harrison lake water park family day trip.
This has been one of my favorite Fraser Valley daytrips this summer! If you have kids, consider a trip to Harrison Lake and visit the Harrison Watersports Inflatable park!
Fun for moms too at harrison water sports.
I was not skipping out on this fun! This is great fun for moms and dads too, while I saw lots of parent’s dropping their kids off, there were plenty on the park enjoying the fun too!

Tips for Harrison Lake Water Park

  1. Get the wet suit. It costs a little over $5 to add to your pass and is well worth it! The lake is very cold, even in the summer. Late July it was 14C. With the wetsuit, getting wet was much easier! The wet suit also protects your skin from the possibility of rubbing on the slides if you are not wet enough. We saw lots of women in bikinis who were complaining of painful slides! The kids also found the wet suits helped the rubbing when you went over the seams on the slides. Overall it provides not just warmth, but skin protection!
  2. Book in advance. We had friends who wanted to join us the night before our scheduled session, but the session was already sold out!
  3. Arrive early! There is a line to check in and get your waivers filled out. Then you need to get wet suits and life jackets and it all just takes some time. It took us over half an hour once we got to the dock. Harrison watersports recommends you arrive an hour in advance.
  4. Get changed in advance. There are no change rooms or washrooms on the dock
  5. Leave what you do not need in your car. There are small lockers to rent, but leave everything else in your car.
  6. Parking in Harrison Hot Springs is limited. Go early to find street parking.
Harrison inflatable water park swings.
Harrison Watersports – What is better than launching off a swing into the water! I cannot think of much!

How to Book Harrison Water Park

Harrison Water Sports takes booking in advance, online, on their website. They do not offer any changes or refunds, so keep that in mind when you book. Harrison Water Sports also offer bumper boats, floating BBQ boats, Sea Doo rentals

Harrison lake teeter totter.
While tough to get on, the teeter-totter is a favorite!

Harrison Hot Springs Water Park FAQ

How much does the Harrison water park cost?

Entry to the park starts at $39.99

What are the age restrictions for the Harrison floating waterpark?

Guests must be 6 years old to use the water park. Children 9 years old and under must have a paid adult accompany them on the water park.

Is wetsuit included?

No. Wetsuits can be rented for an additional charge of $5.35 plus taxes. (it is highly recommended. The lake is glacier fed and during our late July visit, the lake was only 14C / 57F) If you purchase the package with the bumper boats, a wetsuit is included in your price.

Is there a child rate for Harrison water park?

There is no child rate for Harrison water park. It is general admission prices per guest.

Is Harrison Lake floating waterpark meant for kids?

No. The waterpark is mostly for teenagers and adults. Some of the activities require a lot of upper body strength. You will see a few children under 10, but it is mostly teenagers and adults.

Do you have to swim to the Harrison Lake floating water park?

No. A jetski pulling an inflatable raft will ferry you out to the waterpark and take you back when you want to leave.

Are there washrooms on site?


Are there change rooms on site?

No. Guest of Harrison watersports should come in bathing suits.

Where is the Harrison lake water park located?

The floating waterpark is offshore outside the Harrison Hot Springs hotel and the Harrison marina. There is street parking (paid) nearby. Parking can be limited. If you are looking for an address for your GPS, enter the following address: 100 Esplanade Ave, Harrison Hot Springs V0M 1K0

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