October Weather Vancouver

What is the weather like in Vancouver in October? Well it can be a mix of a lot of things. The average high temperature is 14 Celcius and the average low in October is 8 Celcius. That is 57 – 47 degrees F. On average there is 12 days of rainfall in Vancouver during the month.

Vancouver in autumn

Typical October Weather Vancouver

The days are getting shorter and cooler in October, fall has arrived. This also means the return of the rainy season. While there is only 12 wet days on average, that does not mean that other areas of Metro Vancouver will be dry. The average temperatures reach a high of 14 degrees Celsius and the lows drop to about 8 Celcius.

How Much does it Rain in Vancouver in October?

On average, Vancouver gets 12 wet days, and they are quite wet. Vancouver gets over 13 cm (over 5 inches) of rain in October.

Is it cold in Vancouver in October?

Well, rather than answering yes or know, take the information provided, highs of 14C / 57F and lows of 8C / 47F and decide if that is cold to you?

What do people wear in BC in October?

Typically it is rain coat, layers and shacket weather for most Vancouverites. If you leave the Metro Vancouver area, you may get a bit cooler or. a bit warmer temps. Places like Whistler could be a few degrees cooler (but still no snow) and places like Victoria could be a degree or two warmer and drier.

Things to do in Vancouver in October

Despite the cooler and wet weather, Vancouverites still get outside. I have two articles relating to October in Vancouver, they are things to do in Vancouver in October, Fall activities in Vancouver and also things to do in the Fraser Valley in October as well.

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