Golden Skybridge

Located just off the Trans-Canada highway, the Golden Skybridge is the newest must-see attraction for thrill-seekers in British Columbia. It is Canada’s highest suspension bridge, located 130 meters above a canyon. It offers 360 degree views of the Purcell mountains and the Rocky Mountains and the canyon and waterfall below. This post has everything you need to know about visiting this new suspension bridge including costs, how long to stay and what else there is to do close by!

Golden Skybridge view.

Golden Skybridge

The Golden Skybridge is actually two suspension bridges, with the first being higher and longer. They are a part of a (mostly flat) three-kilometer nature walk and include viewing platforms so guests can have a 360-degree view of the picturesque landscape.

Location: 305 Golden Donald Upper Road (Just 2 minutes off Hwy 1)

2021 Rates: Adults $34 Children $17


The Golden suspension bridge is a seasonal activity, open from June to October.

June – Sept 6th 9am-9pm

Sept 6th to Oct 11th 9am – 8pm

Instagram Spots at the Golden SkyBridge in British Columbia

There are lots of photo spots at the Golden Skybridge. If you are visiting in the summer, the mid-day light can be quite harsh, so choose the morning or evening for better light. You will find cute viewpoints like the one below. There is plenty of beauty all around and the bridge was not overly busy that we could quite easily photos without people in the way.

Golden sky bridge photo spot.
The giant swing at Golden Skybridge is a popular photo spot. It had a small lineup when we were there! The nice thing about that was that others were willing to take photos of others!

Golden Skybridge with Kids

The Golden Kkybridge is the perfect activity with kids. However, if you have children or are afraid of heights, maybe skip the bridge and just enjoy the playground. With that being said, the playground here is awesome! Expect to stay for a couple of hours to let the kids run around and play, especially if you are on a long road trip.

Golden Skybridge FAQ

When did the Golden Skybridge Open?

How long is the Golden Skybridge?

There are actually two bridges to cross when you visit the Golden Skybridge. The first bridge is 130 metres high and 150 metres long, and the second bridge is 80 metres high and 140 metres long.

How high is the Golden Skybridge?

The Golden Skybridge is Canada’s highest suspension bridge at 130 meters (426 feet) above a canyon.

How much does the Golden Skybridge cost?

Adults $34 and children $17

How long to spend here?

If you want to walk the suspension bridges, an hour is enough. If you have kids, add more time to play at the playground.

Golden Skybridge British Columbia.

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