Easy Hikes in Metro Vancouver

If you are looking for easy hikes in Vancouver then you are in the right place. Maybe you are new to town. Maybe you have a friend who wants an easy hike. Maybe you yourself want an easy hike. Maybe you have kids. All of these are great reasons to look up easy hikes in Metro Vancouver. The list below will give you a great start! Once you have done all of these, there are dozens of other hikes in the area!

Easy Hikes in Vancouver

North Vancouver - Norvan Falls Trail
Norvan Falls Trail

Quarry Rock – North Vancouver

Quarry Rock is 4 kilometers round trip and a very popular hike. It has 225m elevation gain and offers stunning views. This hike is so popular that most locals avoid it in the summer!

Dog Mountain (Mount Seymour) – Vancouver

Dog Mountain is a popular hiking destination for locals and visitors alike. On a clear day it offers stunning views of Vancouver. The terrain remains relatively flat, making it easy to navigate with an average elevation gain of 165 meters over the course of your hour-long hike! It is about 5 km round trip. Maintained by Metro Vancouver, the Dog Mountain trail is free to use and dogs are allowed.

Hiking: June – October

Snowshoeing: November – April

Lower Gold Creek Falls – Golden Ears Park

Lower Gold Creek Falls is a popular hike in Golden Ears Provincial Park. If you live outside of downtown you have likely heard of it or even been. It is relatively easy hike that ends at a waterfall. The downside (if you live in Vancouver) is that it is pretty far outside the city.

Accessible: Year-Round

Stanley Park Seawall – Vancouver

The entire stretch of the Stanley Park seawall is 9 kilometers with very little elevation gain. It is stroller, rollerblade and scooter friendly as well. It follows the waterfront of Stanley Park.

Accessible: Year-Round

Lighthouse Park

Lighthouse Park is one of the best easy hikes in Vancouver. The trail circles the Lighthouse Park, offering views of huge trees, a lighthouse and downtown Vancouver. It is about 4km long. The elevation gain is 190m.

Accessible: Year-Round

Deer Lake Park – Burnaby

Just east of Vancouver in Burnaby you will find Deer Lake Park. Up to five kilometers of trail circle the lake and pass by a beach area, playground, viewing tower, and pier offering great scenery. Deer Lake Park is more of a walking and running trail than a hike in the forest, but do not let that dissuade you from trying it out!

Accessible: Year-Round

Sasamat Lake

The trail around the lake is a flat, well-worn three-kilometer path. However, it is located at one of Vancouver’s best swimming beaches (White Pine Beach) so get there early in the summer months on the weekends! Otherwise, you can hike around Sasamat Lake all year round!

Accessible: Year-Round

Buntzen Lake – Port Moody

Buntzen lake is the perfect hike for those who want some distance without much elevation. It is located just outside of Port Moody. It is 11km long and goes around the lake with only one area that requires a climb. The lake is actually is a reservoir for BC Hydro, and they maintain a picnic area, dog park and trail in the area. The total elevation gain is 300m.

Suspension Bridge Closed
September 13, 2021 – The suspension bridge on the north side of Buntzen Lake is closed as it is being replaced, therefore the loop around Buntzen Lake cannot be completed. This closure is expected to last several months.

Accessible: Year-Round

Norvan Falls – North Vancouver

Another longer but a flat easy hike in Metro Vancouver is Norvan Falls. This 14-kilometer partial loop trail in North Vancouver is mostly flat and accessible year-round.

Accessible: Year-Round

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