Best Hallmark Movies Filmed in Vancouver

The snow, the landscape and the warmth of the sunlight makes Vancouver and British Columbia, a favourite of the Hallmark directors. Listed below are Hallmark movies filmed in BC and some Christmas movies filmed in Vancouver. They make you believe in fairytales. They are mushy, full of love and emotions. It will not be wrong to say that Hallmark Productions follow a fixed pattern. You can guess, a movie is a Hallmark production if the story is set around Christmas dates, has beautiful actors, has  white snow and one kiss at the end. Sounds boring and repetitive? Apparently not, people not only end up binge watching them but watching it repeat mode every Christmas. 

Hallmark Christmas Movies filmed in Vancouver

Best Hallmark Movies filmed in Vancouver

Love Hard (2021)

One of the best Hallmark movies shot in Vancouver, Love Hard, is an American rom-com. It takes up the topic of being catfished on a dating app. Natalie (Nina Dobrev), flies 3000 miles to surprise her match. When she meets Josh (Jimmy O. Yang), she gets the shock of her life: he is everything but the guy she matched with online. Josh stole the identity of Tag (Darren Barnet), a guy living closeby. A beneficial deal was made where Natalie had to pretend she was Josh’s girlfriend in front of his family and he would help her win Tag in return. Directed by Hernan Jimenez, Love Hard is largely shot in metro Vancouver. Watch it on Netflix.

Noelle (2019)

A Disney Production (but well worth the mention), Noelle’s story revolves around three characters: Noelle (Anna Kendrick) and Nick (Bill Hader) as Santa Clause’s adult children and Polly (Shirley MacLaine) as their nanny. After Santa Clause’s death, Nick has to take his place. Stressed out Nick is unable to complete his training and faces pressure from many. His supportive sister cheers him but the onus remains on him.The movie is primarily shot in Whistler and metro Vancouver. Whistler Olympic Park, one of the prime ski destinations with snow in winters gave the movie the perfect Christmas vibe. Busy Salt Lane with its shops, appears many times. Falling under the comedy and fantasy genre, directed by Marc Laurence, you can watch Noelle on Disney + and Netflix. 

Christmas Cookies (2016)

Christmas Cookies will make you believe in the power of love. Business minded Hannah (Jill Wagner) reaches Cookie Jar, a small town to complete a takeover of a factory. The hitch: Jake (Wes Brown), the owner stands in her way. She has to prolong her stay in the town which complicates the matter as her heart starts melting and intention wavering. It is shot in the scenic town of Squamish in British Columbia. You can buy or rent Christmas Cookies on Google Play, Apple iTunes, Amazon or  Vudu.

Hitched for the Holidays (2012)

Hitched for Holidays is a romantic movie set against the Christmas backdrop. Commitment-phobic Rob (Joey Laurence) is continuously taunted by his meddling mother about his inability to maintain a relationship. Fed-up, he finds Julie (Emily Hampshire) online and hires her to pose as his girlfriend. But as time passes, feelings crop in and things get complicated. This movie is extensively filmed in Fort Langley, Pitt Meadows, Maple Ridge in British Columbia and Vancouver You can stream it across multiple platforms, Amazon Prime video, Google Play and Vudu to name a few.

Finding Santa (2017)

One of the most loved Hallmark productions, Finding Santa celebrates the Christmas spirit. Grace (Jodie Sweetin) is in charge of organizing a Christmas Parade in Green River, her hometown. The parade, in its 50th year, will be telecasted live on television. Everything is going smoothly until the long standing Santa Claus walking in the parade breaks his arm. The best replacement? His son, Ben ( Eric Winter), who hates Christmas and the idea. Desperate Grace, tries to infuse the Christmas spirit in him. Will she succeed? Directed by David Winning. The movie is shot in Ladner village, Pitt Meadows, Aldergrove in British Columbia and Vancouver area. You can buy or rent it on Amazon Instant Video, iTunes as well Google Play.

A December Bride (2016)

Confusion to comedy of errors, A December Bride is not your typical mushy Hallmark production. Layla (Jessica Lowndes) is absolutely dreading Christmas. That’s when her cousin sister marries Layla’s ex-fiance. She arranges a date for the wedding but things don’t work out. Step in Seth (Daniel Lissing), the person who introduced her ex to her cousin. They hate each other but as their interaction increases, with time they realise, they are meant for each other. Layla ends up becoming a December Bride, just like she had dreamt of. It is directed by David Winning. One sees beautiful visulas of Vancouver and parts of British Columbia. Watch it on Apple TV, Vudu, Amazon video or google play.

Cookie cutter Christmas (2014)

The plot of Cookie Cutter Christmas revolves around two competitive school teachers, Christie (Erin Karkow) and Penny (Miranda Frigon). Both of them fall for the very handsome James (David Haydn-Jones), a single father. To catch his attention, they both enter a baking competition and losing is not an option here. Cookie Cutter Christmas was directed by Christie Will Wolf. A lot of Fort Langley can be seen in this Hallmark production, keep an eye out for the Langley coffee shops!

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Christmas Homecoming (2019)

A military themed story, Christmas Homecoming is set against the backdrop of the most magical time of the year. Amanda (Julie Benz), a military widow, does not care about Christmas anymore. She rents an apartment to an army captain Jim (Michael Shanks) who has just returned from Afghanistan. Despite being injured from a war, Jim cherishes the season of hope. Both of them come close to each other as they end up working as a team in organising a fundraising event to save the military museum. It is a heartwarming story with lots of twists and turns.The movie was mainly shot in Vancouver. Prominent locations which featured in the movie include Capilano Suspension Bridge, Stanley Park, Grouse mountain and many more. You can buy and enjoy this movie on Google Play, Apple TV or Amazon. 

The 9 lives of Christmas (2014)

Fond of cats? You will love it. Not fond of cats? You will start loving cats. A Hallmark original, The 9 lives of Christmas is a full package: Romance, drama, comedy and good-looking actors. Marilee (Kimberly Sustad) is a vet student. An animal lover, she stays with her cat. She believes in love. Zachary (Brandon Routh), a fireman, is unromantic and not interested in any sort of relationship. He comes across a stray cat, being bullied by dogs and impromptu decides to take the cat with him. Fate makes him reach Marilee who educates him about cats. Based on a book written by Nancy Silvers. The 9 lives of Christmas is one of the best offerings by Hallmark. It makes for an easy watch. Filming locations include beautiful streets of Fort Langley, British Columbia and Memorial Peace Park in Langley. Catch it on  Prime Video, Vudu or Apple TV.

Trading Christmas (2011)

Trading Christmas, the movie is based on the novel of the same name. Debbie Macambe wrote the book and is also the producer of this movie. A sweet movie, it focuses on Christmas miracles. Emily (Faith Ford), loves Christmas. Charles (Tom Cavanagh) is a professor and a novelist and does not celebrate it. Emily and Charles decide to swap their house. Faith (Gabrielle Miller reaches Oregon to surprise her friend, only to find Charles there. In Boston Emily comes across Ray (Gil Bellows), Charles’ brother. As days pass by, both the couples start feeling affection towards each other. Both the couples end up finding love at the most unexpected place. It is shot in British Columbia. The movie locations include Maple Ridge, Langley and the Abbotsford airport.  

The Mistletoe Secret (2020)

Mistletoe Secret is inspired by Richard Paul Evans’ novel going by the same name. Aria Eubank (Kellie Pickler), loves her hometown. She wants to get it featured on a website to increase tourism. She invites Alex (Tyler Hynes), a travel website owner and Sterling (Christopher Russell), a ghost writer. Both fall for her, creating a very interesting love triangle. The visuals include the scenic  and snowy white Aldergrove, British Columbia. It is a simple and sweet movie, you can catch it on Prime video, Apple TV or Vudu. 

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