10 Perfect Banff Souvenirs and Gifts

If you are looking for the best Banff souvenirs or gifts to buy when you visit, then you are in luck! This post has plenty of unique souvenirs from Banff whether you are arriving from the Rocky Mountaineer or are visiting on a holiday or a road trip.

Banff is a resort town nestled in the Rocky Mountains in Alberta. It is located in Banff National Park and is known for its stunning turquoise jewel lakes, and rugged mountains. It sees visitors who come for the winter wonderland and others who come for the summer hiking and remarkable Canadian scenery. Keep reading for all of the best Banff souvenirs you will want to take home when you visit!

What to Buy in Banff

Shopping is one of those things to do in Banff that no one really plans ahead for. This list will allow you to narrow down what you are looking for and when you see it, you will not have to think twice about grabbing it!

Maple Syrup

Probably what most people think of as one of the things that represent Canada is maple syrup. Available in gift shops all over Banff, as well as in airports and grocery stores, grab some to take home as it is one of the best Banff souvenirs to gift (or enjoy on your own breakfast after you have returned home!)

Maple syrup souvenirs in containers.

Christmas Ornaments from Banff

Banff offers a winter wonderland and a summer playground, depending on when you visit. If you like to collect Christmas ornaments to put on your tree at home, do not miss the options in Banff souvenir shops all over town!

Fridge Magnets from Banff

Are you a fridge magnet collector? If so, Banff will not disappoint. Whether you want a cute animal, or perhaps a realistic photo instead, you will be able to find it at any of the souvenir shops in Banff.

Alberta Sports Team Merchandise

Canada may be a tiny country in terms of population, but its population love of sports, especially hockey, runs deep. Canadians love to get behind their favorite sports teams and athletes and wearing a hockey jersey is a typically Canadian outfit.

It would be fitting to support the Calgary Flames or Edmonton Oilers Hockey teams. If football is your thing, consider the Calgary Stampeders or Edmonton Football Team (they recently changed their name from the Edmonton Eskimos).

Buying a Team Canada hockey jersey in Banff is a better bet if you do not have a team in mind!

Aboriginal Art

Aboriginal peoples have always made objects of artistic value. If you want to know what to buy in Canada to display in your home or to give as a gift, purchase some authentic Indigenous art.

When you are shopping for souvenirs in Banff, make sure you purchase Canadian-made Indigenous art and not factory-made reproductions.

Souvenir Keychains

Those familiar with Canada know that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police are a huge symbol of the country. You will find plenty of souvenirs showcasing their “red serge” uniform. This keychain is an example. There are plenty of other keychain souvenirs you can find in Banff too!

Canada souvenir RCMP keychain.

Banff Souvenir Innukshuk

An Inukshuk is a figure made of mild stones or boulders used as a form of communication throughout Canada’s Arctic. They were traditionally constructed by the Inuit and have become intertwined with representations of Canada. In the Arctic, they are used for practical reasons, such as navigational aids, coordination points and message centers. They have also been known to be used for spiritual means. These are very popular Canadian souvenirs and you can find them in souvenir shops all over Canada (like Victoria souvenir shops and Vancouver souvenir shops), not just in Banff!

Hats and T-shirts and Bears Oh My!

Whether you are a hat person or a t-shirt person there is the perfect one for anyone in Banff. Whether you are looking for a cute design for kids or designer performance wear, you will find all of that in Banff’s plethora of shopping options. If you need to bring something home for a loved one, a T-shirt is a popular thing to buy in Banff for a friend or family member

Parks Canada Swag

Banff sits inside Banff National Park which means you can purchase Parks Canada swag while you are in town! Grab a hat or a hoodie as a souvenir from your time in Banff!

Banff souvenir shopping on the main street in town.

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